Add product analytics for your changelog, roadmap

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Mixpanel serves as an invaluable platform for internet and digital analytics, focusing on user behavior analysis. SubPage lets you add your tracking code on all subpages or specific subpages.

The following steps show how to integrate Mixpanel on your Changelog and Roadmap pages to track, measure, and analyze which updates or ideas garner user attention.

1 Login to your Mixpanel.com account to get your analytics code

Screenshot 2023-06-18 at 2.26.19 PM.png

2 Click on the settings icon and choose "Setup Mixpanel"

3 In the next screen, select "Javascript code"

4 This will open instructions in Mixpanel website on how to setup and copy your javascript code - https://docs.mixpanel.com/docs/tracking/javascript-quickstart

5 Now go to your changelog or roadmap page and click on the settings icon. And select "Code Injection for All Pages - head tag". Here, paste the Mixpanel code.

To install Mixpanel for all subpages in your domain, Install the same code in the code injection of domain space settings.

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