Embed your projects with ease in SubPages

Vectary is a cloud-based 3D design tool that allows users to create, edit, and share 3D models and scenes.

How to embed Vectary designs inside SubPage?

1Firstly, log in to your Vectary account.

2If you are new, create a project or use the existing one.

3Once it's done, click on 'Share' and copy the embed code.

636cc9840038710f3ba59ac6_Screenshot 2022-04-27 at 14.11.32 (1).png

4Inside the SubPage Editor, click on the 'Add Video or Embeds' option from the top toolbar.

Final new image.png

5In the dialog that opens, choose 'Vectary' from the dropdown. Paste the URL in the 'Embed URL or code' field and click on the 'Insert' button.

Screen Shot 2023-07-12 at 12.08.35 PM.png

6The Vectary project will be embedded inside your subpage.

Screen Shot 2023-06-21 at 10.42.23 AM.png

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